Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Facebook founder returns to Harvard to recruit talent" by David Keppler--Article Analysis

              In the article,"Facebook founder returns to Harvard to recruit talent", by David Keppler, the word that is significant is "recruit". The word, "recruit", is significant because it is the reason Mark Zuckerburg came back to Harvard. The article state "He [Mark Zuckerburg] returned Monday with triumphant message: He's hiring." Mark Zuckerburg needs people to help him create a legacy. He told the audience at Harvard that what he has done is only the beginning, and now he is trying to reshape different products and industries. Aaron Perez, a student at Harvard, talked about how Zuckerburg inspired him to pursue computer science, and is encouraged that companies are hiring computer programmers in the midst of an economic crisis. Zuckerburg also went to MIT to recruit as well. The article's main purpose is to inform people about Zuckerburg's recruiting at Harvard.


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