Monday, December 12, 2011

"It's not an iPhone 5,but so what?" by Rachel Metz -- Article Analysis

Directions:Explain whether the author's choice of words and phrases effectively describes his/her purpose.In your response,use words and phrases from the passage that support your explanation.

     In the article "It's not an iPhone 5,but so what?" by Rachel Metz,you can clearly understand her purpose.The purpose of the article is to tell readers that despite the iPhone 4S's name lacking a 5,it's still a great phone and has improved since the iPhone 4.
     There are plenty of words and supporting her purpose.In the beginning of the article,she stated that "...with a faster processor,new software,a voice-activated personal assistant and a souped-up camera,it's a major improvement."She also says "if you're sporting an older model such as the 3GS or considering making the leap to an's an excellent excuse to buy one.
     The author was also very enthusiastic when describing Siri,the voice-activated personal assistant."I was able to speak as I normally would...She's also a dictation dynamo,transcribing emails and texts much better than a phone running Google Inc.'s Android software.
     To conclude her article her article she wrote "If you don;t have an iPhone,however,the 4S is a great one to get,even if its name doesn't include a '5'."


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